I had an interesting visual that came to me last night.  I was thinking about my sessions with clients and how clients feel so much lighter after a session with me.  Heavy things seem to clear up or they have a more peaceful sense of what to do next.  It feels like magic actually – even to me!  I never know when I begin a session what the outcome will be, but I do expect magic to happen….and it always does!

The visual I had was seeing how with almost a snap of our fingers, we can shift out of a dark space when given a new perspective or understanding of our situation.  I saw myself snapping my fingers and fairy dust spilled out over the client and then a smile appeared on their face.  It was a magical visual and it made me smile.

I have known that we all have this magical ability to shift our perspective, access our deepest knowing, feel into the truth of something, question our “victim” story, and make new choices that do serve us (and others).  This visual served to remind me of the magic that we all are.

Let’s do some clearing on this.  It’s simple, just read the energetic clearing question below and do what it says.

What magic are you denying that you are that if you stopped denying it your life would change for the better?  Anything that doesn’t allow you to be the magical being that you truly are, are you willing to delete and uncreate those blocks?  If so, say “YES” and take a deep breath.  

Keep asking yourself this question about 10 times deleting and uncreating the blocks.  You don’t need to necessarily know what the blocks are, you just need to say “yes” and breath the blocks out.  You might come into some awarenesses as you do this clearing exercise or you might not.  Regardless, it works!  Over time, as you continue to use this energetic clearing question, you will begin to notice how you can shift your perspective about something and, like magic, things shift in a good way!  By asking this energetic question, you create movement within your energy field.  That’s a good thing as it begins to move out stuck energy such as limiting beliefs, attitudes and actions or non-actions that keep you stuck in a heavy place.

Let your magical self out!  You are a magical being of light!  PLAY with the magic that you are!  Snap your fingers and expect a magical solution to show up.  Expectation, intention and feeling what you want are part of that magical formula.

YOU ARE MAGICAL so give yourself permission to act like a magical being.  Why not?  What do you have to lose by being the magical being that you are?  Let yourself visualize yourself as magical.  What would you look like?  What would you feel like?  Really let yourself play with the magic that you truly are!

You can change anything with the magical snap of your fingers if you truly BELIEVE and ALLOW the magic in.  Magic is not logical so tell that logical part of your brain to go on a vacay.  Magic can appear as an unreasonable solution, but one that happens anyway.  Magic has no explanation, it just happens…SO LET IT!  Invite magic into your life.  Let magic show up how it wants to show up in your life and let go of how you think it should look or be.  Magic cannot be limited by your feeble ideas of what you think it is.  Forget you even know what magic is…because actually, you don’t.

I perceive magic as this sparkly energy that carries blessings within it.  What those blessings are, I find to be a surprise every time.  I invite the magic, the blessings!

We all carry magic within us and if you are ready to explore the magic within you and open to your deeper magical being – the blessing that you are in this world, I am here to be your magical soul guide.  I am offering a VIP MAGIC DAY.  It’s a private one-on-one experience with me for a day.  On the day that works for both of us at a location of your choosing in and around the Austin, TX area (or you can pay to have me fly to you as well), we spend several hours (4 – 5 hrs) helping you open to the deeper magic that you are…which could look like working on your career/business, relationship, health, spirit/emotions, or intuitive gifts.  We will have an exploratory discussion before the VIP MAGIC DAY to determine what you want the focus to be about.

If a VIP MAGIC DAY sounds like the right thing for you, click here to learn more.


With so much love here for you,


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I’ve missed sharing with you lately.  Posting on my blog is one of those new found joys in 2015.  However, it is requiring that I restructure my time so that I have inspired time to write.  Some days that is more of a challenge than others.  Thanks for eagerly anticipating my next post.  My intention is to keep these posts flowing throughout the year gifting you loving guidance and wisdom about all kinds of things including a laugh or two here and there.

Do you BELIEVE life is SIMPLE?  If not, I have news for you.  Actually, it really is simple.  YOU are the one complicating it.

Now, I’m not blaming you so don’t start projecting your insecurities on me.  What I am saying is that if you have a belief that life is complicated then you will automatically and subconsciously CHOOSE complication in your life most of the time.  In fact, it is a common human habit to complicate things….alot!

Do you ever think that something seems just SO SIMPLE that it just won’t work?

I have – in the past.  I’ve changed that “life needs to be complicated to work” belief system dramatically over the past few years and my life has gotten so simple that I kinda shake my head sometimes asking if this is real.  AND IT IS!

So I am going to share with you a SIMPLE technique that is SO SIMPLE your subconscious is going to want to complicate it and tell you it won’t work.  I’m laughing right now because I can already sense the reactions.  Hee!  Hee!

In fact, it’s so simple you might even forget to do it.  Like all things, it requires a commitment to just do it.  So have some post-it notes ready to stick everywhere to remind you.

Before I share this ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE, just promise me you will do it for one whole day and report back to me with the results.  Doing it for one whole week would be even better!  Doing it most of the time will change your life!

Ok, are you ready?  Here goes…


Ha!  I told ya!  It’s so simple I knew you would react to it!

Now let me explain this simple technique because it is so easy that your brain is looking for the complication in it.  Again, I know this.  Been there and done that.

In order to un-complicate your life you have to CHOOSE to un-complicate your life by CHOOSING its opposite – EASY.  CHOOSE EASY in every moment and the complications will go away.

Ask yourself what CHOICES you are making right now that are unnecessarily complicating your life.

Here are some examples to make this SIMPLE technique EASIER for your complicated brain to understand.

  • Instead of arguing with your spouse/boss/child/friend, CHOOSE EASY – don’t argue – it’s not about who is right and who is wrong.  Listen instead…that is easier on your nerves and your relationships.  CHOOSE the EASIER choice.

Now, because you are in the habit of doing things in a complicated way, CHOOSING EASY may not FEEL natural to you in the beginning.  That is normal.  CHOOSE EASY ANYWAY!

  • Instead of bitching about your horrible and stressful job, ACCPET IT.

You chose it, remember.  You chose this job.  Own your complicated choice and don’t judge it.  When you resist “what is” it will persist.  That is not CHOOSING EASY.  Instead of RESISTING “what is” right now, ACCEPT IT.  That is the EASIER CHOICE.  CHOOSE EASY by accepting things as they are in the moment.  You might not like “what is” in the moment so ACCEPT that you don’t like it first.  Then AFTER you ACCEPT it, you can make a choice to CHOOSE EASY and make another choice that you do want.  In this case, CHOOSE to seek another job or start your own business.  Don’t let your mind complicate the choice.  Choose something different AFTER you have accepted what is.

Nothing can change until you ACCEPT what is first.  Believe me when I tell you this or you will continue to complicate your life unnecessarily.

There is ALWAYS a CHOICE.  

You may not want to see the choices because choice actually scares most people.  Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is true.  You feel safer believing you do not have choices.  In this way, you can remain a VICTIM of CIRCUMSTANCE and not do anything about it and just blame others and the world for your “complicated and miserable” life.  On the surface, it seems like the easier choice, but in the long run, it is the choice that destroys your life, your joy, your happiness, your peace, your ease, your flow, your abundance, your relationships, your dreams.  Is that really the EASIER CHOICE?

You have to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for ALL the CHOICES in your life.  This is a universal spiritual truth you cannot get around.  So, if this is true, CHOOSE things that make your life easier.  It’s SO SIMPLE!

Just for today, CHOOSE EASY in everything you do, think, feel, and be. 

It’s SO SIMPLE – so don’t complicate it!

Until next time, there is so much LOVE here for you!

Linda Galvan

Intuitive Soul Guide + Vibrational Alchemist + Heart Goddess

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“Holy sh*# that’s a really great class♡”

Hola Sweet Being!

That blog title is referring to a reaction a participant had in Week 1 of the Understanding Men:  How They Connect and How They Love 4 Week TeleSeries I am co-facilitating with Paul Cooper – Relationship Coach Extraordinaire.

It’s nice to receive validation that what I am putting out there in collaboration with other great energetic coaches and practitioners is really touching lives and making a difference.

Commercial:  If you missed the announcement about this series, it is probably because you are not on my elist….gasp!  If you look in the above menu you will notice a tab that says “FREE ANGELIC LOVE ACTIVATION AUDIO.”  Click on it, sign up for my newsletter and receive a FREE and very potent activation I recently created as my gift to you for joining.  That way you won’t miss anymore amazing and life-changing experiences I may be offering in the future.

Now back to our previously scheduled topic:  We are moving into WEEK 3 – Understanding Attachment and Addiction in Men which is a HUGE topic that I would not want anyone to miss.

If you are a woman, how many times have you dealt with a man who had addiction and/or commitment/attachment issues?  Do you know how to consciously handle a man like that?  If you are a man, how deeply do you truly understand your addictions and attachment issues and where they come from and how to transcend them?  Do you know how to ask your woman to consciously support you?

If you are not sure of the answers and you want to know, then I invite you to this LIVE call on Thursday, March 5th at 7pm Central.

So here is what I am going to do.  You can JOIN this LIVE call by REGISTERING HERE.  Once you register, I will personally send you the call details.  And here is the BONUS!  You can invite a friend on the call for FREE if you ACT NOW and JOIN!

What’s so great about this tele series, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  What we are covering on these calls I have NEVER heard discussed or explored anywhere in the relationship world.  We are opening doors of consciousness that have rarely been opened around men, the masculine and the feminine dynamic.  Several female and male participants have commented as to how these potent calls have created HUGE AH-HA moments for them around their current and past relationships.  These powerful energetic discussions and transmissions between Paul and I literally shift your consciousness and open you to higher states of awareness around yourself and the masculine.  Direct energetic healing occurs right on the call!

And the best thing is, your relationships with men (if you are a woman) begin to change and become more conscious.  If you are a man, your understanding of yourself deepens as does your understanding of women in relationship to you.

This series isn’t just for women.  In fact, there is so much healing and heart-support here for men.  A male participate shared with me that he felt so validated as a man after participating in the last two calls and that he did not realize the extent to which women truly do not understand men’s emotional depth and intuitive nature.  He also felt, during the calls, that how he is, isn’t wrong.

I had another female participant email me and share:

“wow…. how I have been shutting down feelings in my relationship to not feel my pain.. while he is tired of seeing me have emotional feelings…. the dad stuff makes sense as well. I am so grateful to know how to be and what to look for moving forward in the male relationships now… and this way we can put words as to what is happening… “

If this topic resonates strongly for you, JOIN US this Thursday!  The call will be recorded and a replay sent to you if you miss it or can’t make the date and time.

Register for this ONE call this Thursday and if you want the whole series, I will credit you the $50 you paid for this week’s participation.  How can it get any better than that?

I leave you with the answer Paul Cooper gave to a question a female participant emailed us after our Week 2 call.  I sense this is a common theme for many women when it comes to their experiences with men.

Comment and Question:

Good Morning Linda and Paul,

I just listened to last night’s recording. And as you said, it was very powerful. I found myself jotting ah has throughout the call.

One issue emerged that I am wrestling with a bit, which centers around fear and protection. I realize that my own Daddy issues in part center around fear of his temper/mood – and managing that for my family (I was the oldest of a large family), a role I accepted. I either fought back or took off. In my last serious relationship, which was painful due to the slow emergence of many lies, I realize that I was often confronted with alarming, scary anger from the man – he showed this anger privately and publically to others. So… I have become over protective of myself – I realized that I am overgeneralizing that men are angry and mean and create dangerous situations. That being said, what is a path when you are confronted with explosive anger? Feeling that feeling and staying safe seems a daunting task.

In closing my questions center on trust and safety – exactly what was raised during the call. Yet, there seems to be a paradox created in order to take good care of oneself.

So… any insight is welcome.”

Answer from Paul:

“Hi R,

Regarding the scary anger that
tends to emerge from men, it’s
important to distinguish between
what you’re doing physically and
what you’re doing energetically.

In this case what’s most important
is your energetic stance, not your
physical one. If the situation feels
dangerous, go to another room or
do whatever you need to do to keep
yourself safe.

Pay close attention to how you’re
holding yourself energetically though.
You want to remain as open as possible
energetically. Feel all of your emotions
that are coming up in response to his
anger. Then feel into his anger while
doing your best to remain open and
present with yourself.

It shouldn’t take long for his behavior
toward you to start to change. You’ll
also notice that you feel way more
open and relaxed in the other areas
of your life once you begin practicing

I hope you find this helpful.


I lovingly invite you to JOIN US this Thursday, March 5th at 7pm Central for Understanding Men:  How They Connect and How They Love – Attachment and Addiction.

Receive the gifts and blessings awaiting you on this LIVE call Thursday.  See you there! Reminder that you can invite a friend for FREE after you REGISTER!

With deepest love and abounding GRACE,

Linda Galvan

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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s My Birthday and I Have a Gift for You!


Happy Love Day!

This is one of my fav days of the year because it was the day I was born and it is also a day of love.  When I was a child I believed everyone was born on a Holiday or some special day.  I think I was in 1st grade when I finally realized people were not all born on Holidays or special days like Valentine’s Day.  I think that was when something in me said, “you are special.”  That something was my Ego I’m sure!

I have a special audio Gift of Love I recorded for you.  I hope you enjoy it.  In fact, let me know if you did by commenting below and sharing it on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, go one step further and share it will all those you love.  I want this audio to reach around the world and touch the hearts of those who are in most need of the messages contained in this audio.  Thanks for helping me with that!

Click Here to Listen!

With deepest love n light for you!

Linda Galvan

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When DIY is NOT a Good Idea!

Hello DIYers!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DIY projects!  Those “do-it-yourself” genius ideas on Pintrest can keep you captivated for hours, days, weeks, months and possibly even years!

There is so much advanced and automated technology now that we have become a culture fixated on DIY, especially to save money.  We are a DIY addicted society! We DIY our homes, our cars, our travels and vacations, our businesses (I’m guilty), our children’s educations, our health and so forth.  We even try to DIY our own spiritual, emotional and mental health!

Now that’s hilarious!

I am not supporting going back to co-dependent behavioral patterns of the past where you relinquish all your control to someone else like a Western medical doctor who you let tell you that you have 3 months to live.  In that case, DIY is called for! (Did you pick on the bias I have).

What I am saying is that there truly are times when DIY is NOT a good idea.  One of those times is when you are wanting to make big transformational changes in your life such as quitting an addiction, leaving a marriage, changing careers, starting a business, and clearing out your personal emotional clutter from the past that keeps you stuck.

Yes, there are TONS of self-help books and I am all for reading them.  I have the entire collection in my home!  Many have sound advice and wisdom.  Absolutely take responsibility and begin reaching out for support through books, seminars, workshops and online webinars.  However, there comes a point when you really need another HUMAN to help walk you through the messy stuff.  A HUMAN HEART that can listen and reflect back to you your radiant light and vision.  An individual who sees the TRUE YOU without bias and can begin to coax that deeper part of you out into the world.

In fact, you don’t just need one human heart, you need a TRIBE of like-minded hearts that can support you when you forget who you are, when you forget the greatness that reside within you, when you forget that you matter.

Attempting DIY during transformational moments in your life can prove quite difficult, lonely and possibly even destructive.

Are you attempting DIY personal transformation?  Not a good idea in my humble opinion. Definitely not the best use of your time and money.  That even includes attempting to change your hair color on your own (been there done that – disaster)!

My loving suggestion is to find a coach, mentor or someone you trust that can guide you along.  Find a tribe of peeps that get you and genuinely want to assist and support your transformation.

Check out the programs I am offering in 2015 in the main menu above such as my BE YOU Mentorship Program or just go for it and become one of my Apprentices!  And if you are a woman living in Austin who is seeking a tribe, I invite you to my free monthly women’s circle call The Creatrix Circle.  It’s a fabulous group of femmes that meet the first Friday of each month.  You are invited tonight.  Check it out here.

In summary, keep the DIY projects in the craft department of your life where they belong.  You are not a DIY project.  You are WAY MORE IMPORTANT than that so treat yourself as the SACRED BEING YOU ARE and let other sacred beings guide and support you when you most need it in life.

Much love as I am off to create DIY Valentine’s Day jewelry!


P.S.  This Monday, February 9th at 8pm central I am offering a FREE CALL with Paul Cooper, Relationship Coach Extraordinaire on UNDERSTANDING MEN.  In order to receive that info, PLEASE JOIN MY ELIST above!

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Unlock Your DNA and Live Your Highest Purpose

Hello Genetically Coded Humans!

If you grew up during my time, you will remember in your science classes possibly as early as middle school the lessons on the basics of DNA and how it works.  At that time, science was still limited in its understanding of DNA and taught that your genetic coding is “fixed” and unchangeable, called the Primacy of DNA.


Geneticists now know this is absolutely not true!  Our DNA is shaped by our environments, what we think, our attitudes and experiences.  Our genetic coding is not “fixed” as once thought.

How lucky are we that we can actually CHANGE the expression of our DNA coding based on a shift in our environments, thinking, attitudes and experiences.  HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL INLAY!  The implications are immense!

You truly are a being of FREE WILL and CHOICE and not some victim of your genes and circumstance.  For some, you will rejoice.  For others, you will cower in victimhood.  Which is it going to be in 2015?

I have been working with The Gene Keys for almost 2 years now shifting my own DNA and it has been an amazing journey that continues to freaking blow me away!  I now want to share that experience with you!

I have created 3 programs based on the work of the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd that I believe you might be interested in.  If you act by midnight – Monday, February 2, 2015, you will receive a bonus FREE session with me!  How cool is that, especially if you have never experienced a private session with me.

Click on this link to hear the FREE CALL I did on Living Your Highest Purpose and to view the 3 possible Unlocking Your DNA Programs that just might be what you are seeking for 2015.

Remember, you have to ACT BY MIDNIGHT to receive the FREE SESSION with me!

Deepest Love,


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Hello sweetest soul!

The title of this blog post was the writing assignment I was given by my 8th grade English teacher.  I was always competing in UIL competitions in middle and high school.  It gave me something fun to do as I had a tendency to get bored with life (as I still do now…hmm…).  I was practicing for some UIL writing contest of some sort and my 8th grade English teacher gave me weekly assignments to prepare for the competition.  Of course, I was the only one in my 8th grade class geeky enough to want “extra” English assignments. (I’m rolling my eyes right now at what a freakin’ geek I was – embarrassing)!

“If I Were…”.  I thought about it a long while.  There were so many possibilities available to finish that sentence…”if I were a nurse, a musician, a poet, a writer, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a doctor…”.  However, none of those were “good enough” because they seems so cliche’ and BORING!  Then it hit me – the title would be (drum roll please) “If I Were ME!”  I thought that was genius!  It’s a title that can at first make you go, “huh?”.  I liked confusing people and making them think even then!

The whole essay was about who I would be if I let myself truly be me.  It was a full on fantasy essay that I deeply got lost in.  I fell in love with my world of ME and day dreamed about it.  I still remember the feeling of being lost in this fantasy world of love, peace, flowers, rivers, and beauty.  I thought it was the best essay I’d written.

Not so from my 8th grade English teacher’s perspective and limited opinion and mind set! She returned that paper dripping red with her “personal” comments and opinions on my title and my expression of being truly me.  She said that the title made “no sense” and was not logical.  That it was not realistic to live in the world I described and that I would understand that when I grew up.  That adults do not have life that easy and have to deal with lots of stressful things, blah, blah, blah!  I read that feedback with my eyes bugging out.  I felt such SHAME!  I had really triggered this woman’s issues.  At the time, my 8th grade understanding of adults was limited so I just thought she was being a mean bitch who was unhappy with her life and taking it out on me.  (Hmm…maybe not so limited in my understanding after all…).

She wanted me to re-write the assignment with some new title.  I believe I dropped out of the UIL writing competition at that point.  The wind had been knocked out of my sail.  I had poured out my true expression of ME, no holds barred, and got slammed for it.  It would be years before I wrote deeply about myself again after feeling so shamed for expressing the wanting to just BE ME.  In fact, those years would be now…30 some odd years later.

So, why am I sharing this?  Well, it’s connected to the BE YOU and Change the World Mentorship Program for 2015 I am offering.  As I was developing this program, that memory of how I was shamed for expressing ME came up and I realized that we all have a story or two about how we have probably been shamed in our lives for just BEING WHO WE ARE.  In fact, that might be happening to you right now.  What better time than now to begin transcending those old stories and lies.

2015 is an energy that is calling each of us to be who we truly are!  2015 will not let you continue to get away with lying to yourself about YOU and what you truly desire and how you truly want to BE in the world.  You will continue to feel a deep loss, anxiety and possibly even depression if you continue to fight this higher energy of authenticity that is wanting to wake us all up.

If you missed my free sample call – BE You and Change the World, click here to listen.  On this call we go straight into clearing those limitations and blocks.  I also teach you several energetic tools to take with you.  This call is a sample of what you will be receiving on our 2 group calls a month if you join the BE YOU Mentorship Program this year.  If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Until next time, BE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!



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