A Message from Mother Mary: She of a Thousand Roses


“I have many names and faces.

Beyond those names and faces, I am your loving mother always.

I come to you in light and darkness, through joy, and even, my beloved, through loss and tragedy.

I am always your loving mother.

I am seeking you.

If you can know this, then great peace and spiritual power shall be yours and you will help me bring love to this world.

Remember mer.

I am your loving mother always.”

-as channeled by Alana Fairchild

Dear friends,

If you are being draw to read this, Mother Mary is calling you. You don’t have to be Catholic, religious, Christian or even believe in her to receive her love and blessings. She believes in you and loves you unconditionally. She is ready to bring you liberation from your burdens, suffering and pain.

Our world has been under a dark spell of suffering. We have been programmed to suffer in the belief that this is the only way to peace and salvation, to freedom and liberation, to prosperity and abundance. This is completely not true! We are all sovereign Divine Beings of light and Mother Mary wants us to remember this truth. We know it deep within our souls. She wants to awaken this truth in each person who is willing to commune with her. Through this awakening, your burdens and needless suffering can dissolve as you choose a more conscious and purposeful life. No matter what your past has been, you deserve an easier life! Mother Mary wants you to know this. Be done with the having to “work so hard” attitude. This attitude may have been needed in times past from the generations that came before you. We honor their hard work so that we do not have to continue such a life.

Are you ready to SURRENDER DEEPLY to the healing miracles that await you as you open and release your heart’s burdens to Mother Mary?

If so, continue reading…

Starting tomorrow, April 22, 2017, I will be offering a 9 day Healing Novena with Mother Mary and I would love for you to register and join this powerful intention circle invoking the GRACE, LOVE, HEALING, and MIRACLES of the Blessed Mother into your life.

Register Here!

Each day of the 9 days I will send you, by email, 1 audio with messages and healing processes from Mother Mary that I record while in mediation. You will receive 9 audios of Mother Mary blessings, messages and healing from 4/22 – 4/30.

You may listen to these audios at YOUR CONVENIENCE. I would suggest listening to them in order first and then choose your favorite audios to re-listen as many times as your heart desires. The more you listen to Mother Mary’s messages and do her healing processes, the deeper the healing and miracles you can invite into your life.


I hope you will join me for this sacred 9 days of love, light and miracles through the blessings and messages of Mother Mary. You may register as late as April 28th and still receive all the previous audios.

With the highest blessing of Love & Light,

Linda Galvan, M.A.

Founder of Awaken Your Light Academy & The Creatrix Collective

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Unplugging from Mass Consciousness

Hello Beloveds,

I’m here! I have not forgotten you. My life has been quite busy completing my certification in Kundalini Yoga. The end is near!  YAY!  Please send positive vibes and prayers this weekend – Sunday – as I complete my Practicum and on April 8th as I take my Certification Exam. I will be offering an Intro to Kundalini Yoga the second Friday of April as part of the Creatrix Collective gathering. Mark your calendars if you are curious about experiencing this form of AWARENESS yoga.

BTW, I am NOT changing careers and becoming a full time yoga instructor as some of you might be thinking. I am just adding this new spiritual tool of Kundalini Yoga to my repertoire of offerings. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for spiritual growth that includes movement, mantra, and meditation. It has enhanced my spiritual growth in untold ways and I can’t wait to share it with you. I am continuing to offer PRIVATE SESSIONS, my year long AWAKEN YOUR LIGHT ACADEMY, my LICENSE TO THRIVE 6 or 12 month programs and more to come as soon as I complete this yoga training commitment. Scroll down to check out what I am offering on Friday, March 31st.

One of the reasons I decided to train as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor is that I am planning to add Spiritual Destination RETREATS around the world starting in 2018. Start saving your money now as I KNOW you will want to attend once I announce where this first retreat will take place.  More about that later…

I have not owned a television for over 10 years. It changed my life in ways that are nothing less than miraculous. My depression and anxiety lifted for one. I have had so much more time to live a purposeful life. I think and create in ways that are quite different from the masses of society. I am a naturally happier person. I live in a world that I think, feel and experience as magical, miraculous and amazing.

Read on as this will make more sense as to why I am sharing this with you…

Unplugging from Mass Consciousness. Most of you will agree that there are some pretty ridiculous, outrageous and insane things going on in our country and around the world. Right? What I have to share may be controversial for some. I am not here to argue with you or to even convince you of anything. I am also not here to judge any of the things that are going on in the world as I know it is all part of a greater plan of the Divine. I am only here sharing a CONSCIOUS TOOL that will not only assist you during these times, but it will assist humanity to shift in a more positive direction. If your soul is not in the right place at the moment to receive this info, please, just delete the email and go about your way. No hard feelings and blessings.

For those who are ready to play a bigger part in helping yourselves and the planet raise its vibration and consciousness, read on.

Let’s understand first what “mass consciousness” is so that you have a clear foundation as to what I am referring to. It is also commonly referred to as “collective consciousness” which was defined by Emile Durkheim in 1893 as a set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society. Mass consciousness is a HUGE energy field that contains all the billions upon billions of beliefs we have ever aligned with as a humanity. These beliefs are neither true nor false, good nor bad, right nor wrong (although you might have an opinion about that). Just as you have your own personal consciousness, so too are you plugged into the “mass consciousness” of humanity. This powerful energetic field of mass or collective consciousness actually controls how you think about things, what you believe about things, how you behave, and more. It has the MOST power over you when you are unconsciously “plugged-in” to it.

Here are some mass consciousness beliefs that many hold and don’t question such as “being in the cold will make you ill” or “there is only so much of anything to go around” or “money is the root of all evil” or “It takes two to make a relationship work” or “most news is accurate” or “television is just entertainment” or “only the wealthy have no problems” or “the olden days were easier” or “money solves most or all problems” or “money is power” or “if you believe in God (my God) you are a good person” or “darkness is bad and wrong” or “anger is bad” or “cancer is fatal” or “we are the ONLY living species in the whole universe” or “this is the end times” or “this is a dangerous and fearful world” or “you are not safe this day and age” or “more bad stuff happens in the world than good stuff.”

Now, I understand that some of you may not believe any of these examples or you may believe some but not others.  I am only pointing out a few typical ones to trigger some awareness in you. Again, none of the examples are right or wrong. They are just beliefs floating around in the collective/mass consciousness that the majority hold and may not even be aware that they hold until the belief is questioned.

Again, as humans we agree and align with collective beliefs for survival reasons whether they are actually true or not. As long as the majority of people on the planet agree to a belief, it will manifest. When the majority of people on the planet begin to question the truth of something (a belief), this is when things become wobbly and chaotic because some believe and some don’t until the majority don’t and that belief dies out of the collective/mass consciousness. For example, at one time all beings on the planet believed the Earth was absolutely flat. As science advanced, we discovered that the Earth is round. That was a HUGE mass consciousness belief shift. It took a while for the “powers that be” to get on board with that belief. Many were tortured/killed for their belief in a round Earth. Many more secretly believed the Earth was round but didn’t say anything for FEAR of a negative outcome in their lives such as death.

What I am sharing and about to share would have gotten me killed just a few hundred years ago so I do not agree with the belief that “the past” was easier.

You might be thinking of several mass consciousness beliefs that many people are now beginning to question including you. What mass consciousness beliefs do you question?  Which mass consciousness beliefs have you decided are no longer true for you?

This is HOW humanity EVOLVES. We each have to question collective/mass consciousness beliefs otherwise we would all still be living in the “dark ages” thinking the world was flat because no one would have had the courage to question it.  We are wired to question what we call REALITY!

It requires courage and a willingness to UNPLUG from MASS CONSCIOUSNESS thinking and question everything in your life. 

We have evolved to a point that each of us individually has the power and responsibility to question what beliefs we choose to support and what we have decided does not align with HIGHEST TRUTH for ALL of HUMANITY – not just our selfish selves.

This is sometimes called “independent investigation of truth.” It is our DIVINE BIRTH RIGHT to honor our deepest knowing and divinity and not follow the herd of asleep “sheeples” or “those” who would want us to believe what is not in our best interest as a humanity. It is your DIVINE responsibility to investigate truth for yourself and not unconsciously believe what some “authority” figure is saying.

Ask yourself if the beliefs you hold support the WHOLE of HUMANITY or only a select few? Anything that does not support the WHOLE is destined to one day crumble and die away because it is based on falsity and illusion. It is part of the DIVINE coding of humanity that what supports the WHOLE will always have more strength than what supports the few. It is the concept of DIVINE UNITY.

One way we can each support the evolution of the WHOLE is to UNPLUG from as much of the mass consciousness collective BEHAVIORS as we can. The collective behaviors of a people are the vehicles used for “the powers that be” to perpetuate beliefs that do not serve the whole.

What are some of those powerful mass consciousness vehicles that addict us and program us with mass consciousness beliefs?

Television (i.e. news)
Social Media

Are these vehicles inherently bad? NO!!! They are just the tools used. I also acknowledge that are more subtle tools used as well. These particular tools are the most obvious and insidious. Unfortunately, any “innocent” tool can be used in a way that does not serve the whole and support DIVINE UNITY of HUMANITY. All of the vehicles named above have been used in ways to sway the masses in directions that have not always served the WHOLE. AND the SAME vehicles have also been used to SERVE the WHOLE. Again, they are just tools. It is HOW WE USE THE TOOLS that determines an outcome.

Which brings me back to why I was guided in prayer/meditation and through several interesting experiences over 10 years ago to get rid of my television. It changed my life…LITERALLY – IT CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE! It was this small, yet, quite significant behavior change that re-routed the trajectory of my life in a marvelous way. At the time I did not deeply understand this. I just knew I needed to not watch television any more. Looking back, it was the DIVINE guiding me to a greater understanding. I had to experience it first to be able understand and then share this knowing.

By disconnecting from this one vehicle for controlling and manipulating mass collective consciousness beliefs, I broke away from the programming that was keeping me asleep and unaware of the greater truths of the DIVINE and who I truly am as a SOVEREIGN BEING. My gifts began to awaken in ways that are difficult to describe. My purpose awoke within me. I began to see and experience a new world, a new Earth.

I am not telling you to never watch television, radio, read newspapers and mags or be on social media. I am on social media – selectively. I sometimes listen to the radio – selectively; and have on occasion watched a television in public or at a friends.

What I am suggesting as a tool for your personal and spiritual growth is to wake up and REMAIN CONSCIOUS about how you are plugged into mass consciousness vehicles. And for your own sake, experiment cutting out one or all of the above vehicles for just 40 days and see what changes in your life. I guarantee you it can only lead to something positive.

And when you do interact with these vehicles, do it CONSCIOUSLY. Decide with clear awareness if what you are exposing yourself to is actually helping the WHOLE or creating division within yourself and in the world. Use these tools as they were intended, to bring LIGHT, LOVE and UNITY to the world and not division, fear, scarcity and disempowerment.

When you own the SACRED REBEL in you who chooses to investigate the truth for yourself and unplug from mass consciousness that no longer serves, you have the HIGHEST REALMS of LIGHT supporting you!

If you are ready to go deeper and disconnect yourself from the limiting beliefs perpetuated by the collective conscious, sign up for my LIVE CLEARING CALL Friday 3/31 – info below.

May you be BLESSED in ALL WAYS!

In Love & Light,

Linda Galvan, M.A.
Founder of Awaken Your Light Academy
Inspiring Lives of Clarity, Creativity & Purpose

Join me for a LIVE CLEARING of LIMITING BELIEFS on Friday, March 31st at 12noon central.


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Awaken Your Light Academy 2017

Hello Tribe of Light!

I am announcing my 3 NEW PROGRAMS for 2017 including the inaugural launch of the first year of my AWAKEN YOUR LIGHT ACADEMY!

Yes, I have opened a “mystery school of light” for the purposes of teaching you to awaken your light within! You each have immense GIFTS of LIGHT whether you are aware of it or not. Some of you are being called to use that light in service to the whole. I am being guided to offer spiritual guidance, energetic clearings, activations, transmissions, divine attunements and energetic code upgrades to your system in order to make this spiritual path of your soul purpose easier.

I am a spiritual teacher of LIGHT and GRACE. I have been called to lead as a beacon of attunement for others. I hold several very unique GIFTS of LIGHT that naturally begin to AWAKEN the GIFTS of LIGHT in YOU as you consistently work with me. Anyone who has consistently worked with me for a year or more has received this accelerated experience of personal and spiritual growth – without exception!

The year 2017 is the beginning of a NEW 9-year cycle – Thank God! This 2016 year kicked our asses in so many ways so that we complete our past in order to create a new cycle. I am completely ready to close these last 9 years of my life and move on to bigger and brighter things! Aren’t you?

2017 is energetically being called the year of LOVE & LIGHT! Again, Thank God! We all need some extra love and light in our lives after all we have experienced in 2016. And anyone who knows me also knows that I am ALL ABOUT LOVE & LIGHT!

Here are some of the amazing topics we will cover during the year:

  • Energetic clearings and purgings of your old way of being that no longer serves including old genetic programming, beliefs, attitudes, ancestral imprints and more
  • Opening your CREATIVITY to a much higher level
  • Opening and/or increasing your SPIRITUAL ABILITIES & GIFTS which could include channeling, spiritual intuition & psychic abilities, mediumship, hands-on healing and much more
  • Learning to MANIFEST like a PRO
  • Downloads, activations and transmissions of LIGHT CODES that will UPGRADE your way of being and serving
  • Alignment with your HIGHER SELF as a SOVEREIGN BEING of LIGHT
  • CLARITY about your gifts, your soul purpose and how to use what you have to SERVE the greater WHOLE with purity and NO EGO
  • Honoring YOUR VALUE and getting right with MONEY and FINANCES
  • MORALITY and ETHICS in serving from this place of light and sacredness
  • Learn how to BREATHE in LIFE through powerful breath work
  • Honoring the TEMPLE of YOUR BODY and getting into right relationship with food and physical movement

It’s going to be an ambitious full-on year of immense spiritual growth and opening to the light of who you really are. I already have 5 women who have committed to this program even before I announced all these details because their souls have called them to AWAKEN THEIR LIGHT. I have 4 more spots left. Will you be one of them?

So, here’s the amazing EARLY BIRD OFFER! If you register with a non-refundable $500 DEPOSIT by DECEMBER 31, 2016, you can be in this ACADEMY for $650/mo. After that date the price goes up to $800/month.

Oh, and all those who get in by December 20th will receive ONE PRIVATE SESSION with me in DECEMBER as a GIFT for saying yes to this year long commitment.

Commit to your personal and spiritual growth in 2017. If you want your life to change for the better – be it in relationship, career, finances, health or spiritual, any successful person will tell you that you have to commit to your own growth.

The FIRST STEP to HAPPINESS is COMMITMENT. Without a solid commitment to your life path and purpose, you will forever be “seeking” happiness as it forever eludes you. The truly happy souls on this planet are those who are serving from the truth of their LIGHT. There are NO exceptions to this truth about happiness. I have personally walked this path and have learned some valuable lessons I want to share and give so that your path is lighter and easier.

I am called to create LIGHTNESS in the lives of those I serve who will then serve with their gifts to spread LIGHTNESS in the world. The launching of this academy has required great personal growth and sacrifice so that I could be READY to offer this GIFT to YOU. Know that it is a DEEP OFFERING of PURE LOVE! The price to participate in this ACADEMY of LIGHT will never be offered at this rate again.

I invite the first souls who are called to join this AWAKEN YOUR LIGHT ACADEMY: A Mystery School of Light to come forward now and COMMIT to yourself in 2017. This is the BEGINNING of a new 9-year cycle. You will not regret that you started this new life cycle by AWAKENING YOUR LIGHT. What you choose in 2017 will set the path for your next 9 years! It’s a serious matter to ponder so whatever you do, be conscious in your choices – please!

If you are feeling even the slightest nudge to join, LET’S have a CHAT to see if this is the right fit for you. I ONLY want those who are ready for this year long commitment so if you are not sure, I will happily help you get clear about it. I don’t do sales calls so I WILL NOT in any way attempt to convince you to join. If it’s for you, your heart and soul will tell you.

However, we have to get your chat in BEFORE December 31st so that you can take advantage of the EARLY BIRD pricing so TEXT ME ASAP (512-576-5297) so that we can set a time to talk.


  • 2 private sessions per month by phone
  • 2 group calls per month
  • 1 private 3 hour VIP day with me in person
  • Free access to Gene Keys activation calls and study group
  • Participation in the Relationship Intensive for FREE
  • Guest speaker presentations
  • Private Facebook group participation
  • The Book of Mastery
  • 2 on location nature experiences
  • Bonus offerings throughout the year
  • And a few other surprises!

If you are still reading this and absolutely know this is for you or maybe someone you know, then place your deposit NOW. You can scroll down and PAY DEPOSIT TODAY just CLICKING HERE and absolutely secure your spot before the last 4 spots are taken!

If you KNOW this is YOUR YEAR and you can FEEL IT, I INVITE YOU to JOIN this journey of discovering the amazing spiritual gifts within. We are all endowed with spiritual gifts. Do you know yours and how to use them to serve humanity?

Making a commitment to serve and awaken your light BEFORE the NEW YEAR will make ALL the DIFFERENCE in your QUALITY of LIFE in 2017. If you feel your soul calling you, SAY YES to your LIGHT for 2017! All the stars are in alignment for you. Your prayers HAVE BEEN HEARD so now it’s your turn to TAKE ACTION!

You can join from ANY WHERE in the WORLD. Our sessions and group calls will be by phone and video.

If you know that this Academy is not for you, because it is not for everyone, I do have two other FABULOUS programs you can join this year which are The LICENSE to THRIVE program and The LIGHTNESS PROGRAM. Read below and make your deposit to secure the lowest monthly rate on those programs. If you have any questions about the other two programs, TEXT ME (512-576-5297) with your questions.

I also plan to offer a 6 Week RELATIONSHIP INTENSIVE some time in the new year. Those in the Awaken Your Light Academy will receive this $1200 program for FREE!

Clients in any of my 3 programs will receive first choice of sessions before anyone else.

I have already sincerely prayed and called forth the souls that are ready to join this Mystery School of Light! The Creatrix Mother of All Life – Sophia is calling you! Isis is calling you! Mother Mary is calling you! Mary Magdalene is calling you! The Feminine Christ Consciousness is calling you! Hathor is calling you! Green Tara is calling you! Quan Yin is calling you! White Buffalo Woman is calling you! The Angelic Order of the Seraphim is calling you! Your HIGHER SELF SOUL is calling you!




This program is for you if you are personally struggling to survive in some or all areas of your life which might include relationships, health, money/finances, emotional issues, spiritual struggle around your purpose, and/or career. We will focus on the most painful areas of your life that need to shift and move on from there. This program requires a minimum of a 6 month commitment. To really make lasting change that will stick, I highly recommend a year commitment.

To receive the LOWEST monthly rate of $333/mo on this 6 month or 12 month program, you must secure your NON-REFUNDABLE $333 deposit NO LATER than December 31, 2016.

Rate goes up to $350/mo in January.

Save the lowest monthly rate by placing your deposit now.

Click here to pay deposit now!


  • 2 private sessions a month by phone
  • Free access to Gene Keys activation calls and study group



This program is for you if you are just wanting to stay on track during the year by having a monthly session to clear, release, and align you so that you don’t get off track with all the personal growth you have done or are doing. The focus for each session is on whatever is up for you that needs addressing.

To receive the LOWEST monthly rate of $175/mo on this YEAR LONG program, you must secure your NON-REFUNABLE $175 deposit by December 31, 2016. This is the lowest rate for my sessions in 2017. All others will pay my regular rate of $200/hr. if you are not in one of my programs.

Rate goes up to $180/month in January.

Save the lowest monthly rate by placing your deposit now.

Click here to pay deposit!


  • 1 private session per month by phone
  • Free access to Gene Keys activation calls and study group


Looking forward to seeing you in one of my programs in 2017. It’s going to be an amazing year of LOVE and LIGHT!


Always in Light & Love,

Linda Galvan, M.A.
Founder of Awaken Your Light Academy: A Mystery School of Light
Inspiring Lives of Clarity, Creativity & Purpose

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How Can My Unique Spiritual Gifts Help You?

Hello Sweet Soul!

It’s been a while since I have blogged and I have no excuses to give you.  I am just thrilled to have the time to sit and write to YOU!  I miss writing to my peeps! I will recommit to connecting with you at least once a month if not more with interesting content that benefits you!

I receive a lot of curiosity from ‘regular’ people when I tell than I am a “spiritual intuitive” or a “channel” or a “soul guide” or a “sacred alchemist.” Of course they want to know what the heck those titles mean. Actually, the don’t mean a dang thing!  What people really want to know is how I might be able to help them with an issue, problem or pain in their life using my spiritual intuitive gifts.

So, here is the simple explanation.

I facilitate spiritual growth in all who I serve.

I help people get “unstuck” and “clear” out issues and blocks in their life using my intuitive spiritual guidance system that is directly connected to SPIRIT/God/Angels/TheLight. I can “hear” the higher guidance, “see” the higher guidance, “feel” the higher guidance and “know” the higher guidance. I am them directed as to what to say and or do (channeling and energetic) to assist in clearing up the issue, challenge, problem, or pattern.

Clients come to me heavy with life issues. After a session with me, clients FEEL LIGHTER! That is the overwhelming feedback I receive all the time.

I also help clients begin to opening to their higher gifts, creativity and purpose as they continue to work with me. Their lives change and they begin to do what they love and spiritually blossom in the process.

Areas I can and have addressed over the years: financial, career, business, mental, emotional, spiritual, family, relationships, health, weight-loss, addictions and so much more!

I find it beautiful and sacred to watch the blooming of souls once they get cleared of all the sludge and yuck that has kept them from making the powerful choices to live the life they want to live. No one should have to suffer feeling there is no help other than traditional avenues that tend to not be very effective.

I suffered for many years with depression, anxiety, weight, and relationship problems. When I discovered this spiritual world of healing, my whole life changed! My own dark night of the soul awakened in me my own spiritual gifts that I now share with the world.

I am deeply grateful for all I have suffered as it has helped me to become a powerful and aligned practitioner of the spiritual healing arts. I honor and respect what I do and hold it as a sacred gift to be shared with all those who are in need of releasing themselves from the heaviness of life and into the lightness and truth of their soul.

I honor you for having the courage to face your issues and be willing to take responsibility to change your life. You are the only one who can do that. I am here to facilitate that growth with love, safety and spiritual support.

If you are ready to take the powerful leap of faith to have a session with me for the first time, TEXT me (512-576-5297) to set up a session. Mention this blog post and receive your first session for $168(reg. $200).

If you are one of my fabulous clients and have wanted to refer me to a friend or family member and you just didn’t know how to describe what I do, then send them here to my site to read this. For every referral you send me who signs up for a session with me, you will receive a $50 referral discount on a regular session with me. Ask them to mention the blog post to receive the $168 session special.



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The ONE QUESTION that Will Lead to Prosperity in Your Life

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I have blogged. I felt the need to write one last blog for 2015 on these last days leading into 2016. What more apropos a topic than that of PROSPERITY.

This is the time of year when we wish each other a Happy and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. This is also a time when money gets real for us as we must look at all we spent during the Holidays on gifts, travel and other expenses as well as the upcoming taxes we will need to calculate and possibly pay. It’s hard to avoid the money topic even if you might desperately want to.

Money likes attention and as with all things that like attention, it will get louder and louder until you give it the attention it deserves. So let’s have a little convo around it.

Money can be the greatest spiritual teacher that can lead you to deeper peace and liberation or it can trap your thinking and sabotage an entire life from being joyous and free. It all depends on the relationship you have with money and the charge you place on money.  Money is actually a neutral energy.  We tend to place a charge on money making it mean things and do things that are not in alignment with our heart’s higher purpose. We place that “negative” charge on money. Money can either trap you or set you free based on the charge you give it or not.  It really depends on how you hold the energy and meaning of money within you.

If you change the complex inner relationship you have with money to one of simplicity, you will find prosperity through that simplicity.

Prosperity REQUIRES simplicity.

And let’s take it even further.  As you heal your relationship with money, you heal the whole.  To heal the whole through your individual healing of your relationship with money is a powerful form of GENEROSITY.

Prosperity REQUIRES generosity.

Now to the BIG QUESTION that you MUST ASK YOURSELF and whose ANSWER YOU MUST LIVE OUT in order to have the true PROSPERITY you seek.


Make the answer to this question the foundation of your life and all your decisions. In doing so, your life will take you on a vast adventure and you will live YOUR life, not someone else’s life.  In fact, you will live your HIGHEST life!

Blessings for a most PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR filled with Simplicity, Generosity and Serving the Whole!

Deepest Love,

Linda Galvan – Inspiring Lives of Clarity, Creativity & Purpose

P.S. Generously giving credit to the contemplative work by Richard Rudd that influenced the writing of this topic.

P.S.S.  If you live in Austin, TX, I cordially invite you to a Sacred Soul Alchemy Transformational Healing Circle on Wednesday, December 30th at 7pm as we invite in higher levels of health and prosperity for 2016.  Click here to learn more.

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NEW – Soul Message Sundays!



I have some great news!  I have just implemented something new and exciting – Soul Message Sundays!

If you are on my official newsletter list (not this blog), you will receive a weekly Soul Message every Sunday.  In this email, I will have drawn an oracle card or cards from a specific deck and share with you the message for that week.

It is a great way to start your week off with soul guidance and inspiration!

The link to the first Soul Message Sunday email is below.  I want you to get a taste of what to expect each week. Let me know in the comments box below if this is something that serves you.

Soul Message Sunday Email

And not only that, you can also order your own PERSONAL Soul Message Reading now.  Look at the main menu above and you will see a link to Soul Message Readings.  Click on that link in the main menu and it will take you to the details page to learn more.

So CLICK HERE to join my phenomenal newsletter and receive these weekly Soul Message Sunday Oracle readings!

Have a blessed & creative week!

Always in love,


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4 Things That Are Blocking Your DESIRES from Manifesting

Hello Sweet!

Do you love the changing of seasons?

I love the Fall!  In fact, I love the transition seasons of both Fall and Spring.  Fall is a time of movement to wrap up the old, shed the proverbial leaves of your old life to invite in the new that wants to burst forth in Springtime.  You feel this movement in the cool winds that begin to blow as they shake the dead leaves from the trees. Nature can tell us so much about how to live our lives if we would only pause for a moment to take note.

In the years I have been working with clients, I continue to see common patterns over and over again that stop them from creating the DESIRES they want in life.  In fact, I will bet that the 4 things I am going to talk about today have stopped you from moving forward with something in your life that you have desired to manifest.

So here they are…

The 4 COMMON Blocks to Manifesting Your Desires are:

  1. FEAR
  2. Lack of TRUST in Your Own KNOWING
  3. Creativity Blocks
  4. Limiting Beliefs About Money

Do any of these resonate for you?

What if you could clear out the FEAR that stops you from moving forward with that one thing you are really desiring to manifest?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know the origin of that FEAR so that it could be rooted out for good?

And what about TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION…are you good at that?  When you get a hit about something, do you follow through or question it over and over and doubt yourself?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just KNOW and TRUST and move forward with the inspiration?

Then there’s the CREATIVITY BLOCKS where you just don’t seem to have any inspired ideas or motivation to move forward with your million dollar creative idea, business or book.  Right?  Wouldn’t it be nice to open up your creative flow once again and ride that wave of creative bliss and freedom?

But, then there’s the MONEY PROBLEM. Ugh!  You believe you can’t do something because you don’t have the money.  How many times a day does that limiting thought enter your head? Wouldn’t it be nice to really know deep in your bones that money has NOTHING to do with you moving forward?  Wouldn’t you like to remove that pesky belief from your system for good?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then I highly encourage you to consider my 8 Week Transformational Intensive.  In these 8 weeks starting end of October we will address all of the above blocks to get you ready for 2016.  If you wait until January 1st to do something about it, sorry to tell you, it will be too late.  To have a great year, you have to start the momentum NOW moving into 2016 so that you have a serious running start in 2016.  Use the energy of this FALL to shake off the old blocks that have kept you from moving forward.

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And if you are still not sure, contact me by email at thespiritualintuitive (at) gmail.com and let’s set up a call to answer your questions and see if this is a fit for you.

I only have 7 spots left so ACT NOW to receive the BONUSES!  Time to clear these blocks BEFORE 2016 gets here.  Why go through another year not letting yourself have what you desire when you can clear the blocks that are stopping you right now!

Much love,

Linda Galvan

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