Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s My Birthday and I Have a Gift for You!


Happy Love Day!

This is one of my fav days of the year because it was the day I was born and it is also a day of love.  When I was a child I believed everyone was born on a Holiday or some special day.  I think I was in 1st grade when I finally realized people were not all born on Holidays or special days like Valentine’s Day.  I think that was when something in me said, “you are special.”  That something was my Ego I’m sure!

I have a special audio Gift of Love I recorded for you.  I hope you enjoy it.  In fact, let me know if you did by commenting below and sharing it on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, go one step further and share it will all those you love.  I want this audio to reach around the world and touch the hearts of those who are in most need of the messages contained in this audio.  Thanks for helping me with that!

Click Here to Listen!

With deepest love n light for you!

Linda Galvan

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When DIY is NOT a Good Idea!

Hello DIYers!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DIY projects!  Those “do-it-yourself” genius ideas on Pintrest can keep you captivated for hours, days, weeks, months and possibly even years!

There is so much advanced and automated technology now that we have become a culture fixated on DIY, especially to save money.  We are a DIY addicted society! We DIY our homes, our cars, our travels and vacations, our businesses (I’m guilty), our children’s educations, our health and so forth.  We even try to DIY our own spiritual, emotional and mental health!

Now that’s hilarious!

I am not supporting going back to co-dependent behavioral patterns of the past where you relinquish all your control to someone else like a Western medical doctor who you let tell you that you have 3 months to live.  In that case, DIY is called for! (Did you pick on the bias I have).

What I am saying is that there truly are times when DIY is NOT a good idea.  One of those times is when you are wanting to make big transformational changes in your life such as quitting an addiction, leaving a marriage, changing careers, starting a business, and clearing out your personal emotional clutter from the past that keeps you stuck.

Yes, there are TONS of self-help books and I am all for reading them.  I have the entire collection in my home!  Many have sound advice and wisdom.  Absolutely take responsibility and begin reaching out for support through books, seminars, workshops and online webinars.  However, there comes a point when you really need another HUMAN to help walk you through the messy stuff.  A HUMAN HEART that can listen and reflect back to you your radiant light and vision.  An individual who sees the TRUE YOU without bias and can begin to coax that deeper part of you out into the world.

In fact, you don’t just need one human heart, you need a TRIBE of like-minded hearts that can support you when you forget who you are, when you forget the greatness that reside within you, when you forget that you matter.

Attempting DIY during transformational moments in your life can prove quite difficult, lonely and possibly even destructive.

Are you attempting DIY personal transformation?  Not a good idea in my humble opinion. Definitely not the best use of your time and money.  That even includes attempting to change your hair color on your own (been there done that – disaster)!

My loving suggestion is to find a coach, mentor or someone you trust that can guide you along.  Find a tribe of peeps that get you and genuinely want to assist and support your transformation.

Check out the programs I am offering in 2015 in the main menu above such as my BE YOU Mentorship Program or just go for it and become one of my Apprentices!  And if you are a woman living in Austin who is seeking a tribe, I invite you to my free monthly women’s circle call The Creatrix Circle.  It’s a fabulous group of femmes that meet the first Friday of each month.  You are invited tonight.  Check it out here.

In summary, keep the DIY projects in the craft department of your life where they belong.  You are not a DIY project.  You are WAY MORE IMPORTANT than that so treat yourself as the SACRED BEING YOU ARE and let other sacred beings guide and support you when you most need it in life.

Much love as I am off to create DIY Valentine’s Day jewelry!


P.S.  This Monday, February 9th at 8pm central I am offering a FREE CALL with Paul Cooper, Relationship Coach Extraordinaire on UNDERSTANDING MEN.  In order to receive that info, PLEASE JOIN MY ELIST above!

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Unlock Your DNA and Live Your Highest Purpose

Hello Genetically Coded Humans!

If you grew up during my time, you will remember in your science classes possibly as early as middle school the lessons on the basics of DNA and how it works.  At that time, science was still limited in its understanding of DNA and taught that your genetic coding is “fixed” and unchangeable, called the Primacy of DNA.


Geneticists now know this is absolutely not true!  Our DNA is shaped by our environments, what we think, our attitudes and experiences.  Our genetic coding is not “fixed” as once thought.

How lucky are we that we can actually CHANGE the expression of our DNA coding based on a shift in our environments, thinking, attitudes and experiences.  HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL INLAY!  The implications are immense!

You truly are a being of FREE WILL and CHOICE and not some victim of your genes and circumstance.  For some, you will rejoice.  For others, you will cower in victimhood.  Which is it going to be in 2015?

I have been working with The Gene Keys for almost 2 years now shifting my own DNA and it has been an amazing journey that continues to freaking blow me away!  I now want to share that experience with you!

I have created 3 programs based on the work of the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd that I believe you might be interested in.  If you act by midnight – Monday, February 2, 2015, you will receive a bonus FREE session with me!  How cool is that, especially if you have never experienced a private session with me.

Click on this link to hear the FREE CALL I did on Living Your Highest Purpose and to view the 3 possible Unlocking Your DNA Programs that just might be what you are seeking for 2015.

Remember, you have to ACT BY MIDNIGHT to receive the FREE SESSION with me!

Deepest Love,


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Hello sweetest soul!

The title of this blog post was the writing assignment I was given by my 8th grade English teacher.  I was always competing in UIL competitions in middle and high school.  It gave me something fun to do as I had a tendency to get bored with life (as I still do now…hmm…).  I was practicing for some UIL writing contest of some sort and my 8th grade English teacher gave me weekly assignments to prepare for the competition.  Of course, I was the only one in my 8th grade class geeky enough to want “extra” English assignments. (I’m rolling my eyes right now at what a freakin’ geek I was – embarrassing)!

“If I Were…”.  I thought about it a long while.  There were so many possibilities available to finish that sentence…”if I were a nurse, a musician, a poet, a writer, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a doctor…”.  However, none of those were “good enough” because they seems so cliche’ and BORING!  Then it hit me – the title would be (drum roll please) “If I Were ME!”  I thought that was genius!  It’s a title that can at first make you go, “huh?”.  I liked confusing people and making them think even then!

The whole essay was about who I would be if I let myself truly be me.  It was a full on fantasy essay that I deeply got lost in.  I fell in love with my world of ME and day dreamed about it.  I still remember the feeling of being lost in this fantasy world of love, peace, flowers, rivers, and beauty.  I thought it was the best essay I’d written.

Not so from my 8th grade English teacher’s perspective and limited opinion and mind set! She returned that paper dripping red with her “personal” comments and opinions on my title and my expression of being truly me.  She said that the title made “no sense” and was not logical.  That it was not realistic to live in the world I described and that I would understand that when I grew up.  That adults do not have life that easy and have to deal with lots of stressful things, blah, blah, blah!  I read that feedback with my eyes bugging out.  I felt such SHAME!  I had really triggered this woman’s issues.  At the time, my 8th grade understanding of adults was limited so I just thought she was being a mean bitch who was unhappy with her life and taking it out on me.  (Hmm…maybe not so limited in my understanding after all…).

She wanted me to re-write the assignment with some new title.  I believe I dropped out of the UIL writing competition at that point.  The wind had been knocked out of my sail.  I had poured out my true expression of ME, no holds barred, and got slammed for it.  It would be years before I wrote deeply about myself again after feeling so shamed for expressing the wanting to just BE ME.  In fact, those years would be now…30 some odd years later.

So, why am I sharing this?  Well, it’s connected to the BE YOU and Change the World Mentorship Program for 2015 I am offering.  As I was developing this program, that memory of how I was shamed for expressing ME came up and I realized that we all have a story or two about how we have probably been shamed in our lives for just BEING WHO WE ARE.  In fact, that might be happening to you right now.  What better time than now to begin transcending those old stories and lies.

2015 is an energy that is calling each of us to be who we truly are!  2015 will not let you continue to get away with lying to yourself about YOU and what you truly desire and how you truly want to BE in the world.  You will continue to feel a deep loss, anxiety and possibly even depression if you continue to fight this higher energy of authenticity that is wanting to wake us all up.

If you missed my free sample call – BE You and Change the World, click here to listen.  On this call we go straight into clearing those limitations and blocks.  I also teach you several energetic tools to take with you.  This call is a sample of what you will be receiving on our 2 group calls a month if you join the BE YOU Mentorship Program this year.  If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Until next time, BE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!



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Be You and Change the World: Join the FREE call tonight!


Hello YOU!

What if BEING YOU is and has always been enough to make change in your life and in your world!  Read on by clicking link below…




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Unreasonable Abundance


Good day!

Say it…“unreasonable abundance.”  How does it make you FEEL in your body?  Do you feel uncomfortable or do you feel wrapped in fur and silk or driving a fast luxury car?  Say it again…”unreasonable abundance.”  Keep saying it over and over.  The goal is to get comfortable with this concept and the energy it holds.

Why?  Let me explain.


Is it possible to be abundant for no reason at all?  Where in you do you believe you have to “earn” abundance or “deserve” abundance?  Are you ready to get rid of that limitation, because it is a BIG ONE!  The highest truth is that you do not need a reason to be abundant!  However, your ego will tell you otherwise.  Your ego will say you need a reason to be abundant.  Your ego makes you feel you have to be, do or give something to be abundant.  According to your ego, it says…”I will be abundant if…”  and “I will be abundant when…”

NOT TRUE!  Being abundant is about connecting back to the deepest part of you that innately knows you are already abundant.  As a powerful being of light, your energy is sourced from an abundant universe!  When that reconnection is made, you will begin to experience abundance in your outer reality and world.  Continue reading as to how you can take an action that will help you to reconnect.

There are many reasons why we disconnect from our innate abundance.  Family patterns, beliefs and attitudes we energetically hold on to either consciously or subconsciously, believing economic media hype and fear mongering, cultural patterns around money beliefs, and beliefs around wealth and money in general.

Another big reason that deserves its own paragraph  is “victim scarcity.”  Even the word sounds nasty to say.  So many souls are in this state and not even aware of it.  In this state you believe you are a victim of others as to why you are not abundant.  Examples of this kind of thinking are  – “if only my job paid me more” and “it’s the government’s fault” and “my family wrote me out of the will” and “if only I were not disabled, ill, sick, depressed” or “if I had not been divorced and financially abandoned by my spouse” or “if only my husband/wife made more money.”  All of these are EXCUSES that someone in victim scarcity would make.  Be honest with yourself.  How many of these excuses do you make on a daily basis that keep you stuck in this lower vibration of lack?

Please do not judge yourself if you notice yourself in this state.  Be grateful that you are coming into awareness and consciousness about this victim scarcity and make another CHOICE.  Choose to see yourself as an unreasonably abundant being of light that is loved and supported by the universe.  FEEL IT in your body and heart on a daily basis.  That abundant feeling is a powerful vibration that will begin attracting to you what the universe wants to give you.  It is a practice – a conscious practice and it doesn’t just happen.  You have to allow the old victim stories to release.  You have to forgive everyone you have blamed for your lack of abundance and you have to take action in the direction of abundance.

Let’s Practice the 30 Day Unreasonable Abundance Challenge:   Be still and for a moment tune into the feeling of unreasonable abundance.  What does it feel like and look like to you?  Let your innate abundance bubble up in you for no good reason.  Smile and feel these bubbles of unreasonable abundance.  Connect to your higher self and surrender to the thought of unreasonable abundance.  No striving, no earning , no deserving, no reason necessary.  (Reasons, conditions, and rules are just a covert resistance to abundance – be aware if they show up in you).

Do this for 5 minutes EVERY DAY for 30 days and report back on Facebook what you see shift or change in your life.  I promise you will be surprised!  Click here to join me on FACEBOOK for this challenge!

So, let’s all be unreasonably abundant this year!  Are you with me?

To kick start your 30 day challenge JOIN ME tonight – Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 8pm Central for a LIVE CALL where were are going to blast Money Stress and Boost Money Magnetism.  Together with my energetic sis in Sedona, Arizona, Cherie Mason, we are going to create a powerful intentional field of money magnetism and share with you some tools that you can apply to your daily life that remind you to remain in alignment with abundance for no reason.

Click here to register for this call!  If you can’t make the call, register anyway and I will send you the replay link and ability to download this energetic clearing for continued use throughout 2015!


Join the Facebook 30 Day Challenge and be on the Live Call tonight!  Let the universe know you are taking action!

Unreasonably Abundant Love n Light!


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article_2447Good afternoon (although it feels like a cold morning here in Austin, Texas)!

I’m in a bent-out-of-shape mood at the moment.  I’m feeling really riled up, angry, frustrated and anxious.  However, I know the moment will pass as soon as this blog is written.  I’m being honest and vulnerable about my feelings because that is one of my intentions for 2015 – to be REAL with how I FEEL in every moment and acknowledge those feelings.  It is quite empowering to do so and it keeps you from building up a lot of emotional density that will only make you ill over time – and who needs that – so I’m just going to FEEL and avoid ILL.  I encourage you to jump on board with me and let me know how it goes.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, on to the topic of “it’s not your business!”  It’s actually not a topic, it’s a TOOL!  Yes, it is a great tool that can be used in so many instances in your life to avoid conflict, drama and undue stress, tension and suffering – especially in relationships.  This marvelous tool came through in a session months ago and it has served my clients and me quite well.  I thought I’d share it for your use in 2015.

The fact is, most things in life are not your business.  The only thing that is your appropriate business is yourself.  That’s it!  That means that everything else, including your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, family members, co-workers are really not your business.

Now, if you are a mom of an infant,  young child or children then that is the only exception.  Those young children are your business 24/7 until they are old enough to take care of themselves and make decisions for themselves.  You may not agree with those decisions or how they care for themselves, but at that point, they are no longer your business.

We like to make others our business so that we don’t have to deal with ourselves.  It’s a much more entertaining form of DISTRACTION to be in others business than to have to deal with our own lousy crap.  It is also a form of manipulation and control to be in anothers’ business.  We think that if we can control the other person, we can control whether we are safe or not, get hurt or not, abandoned or not, get what we want, and so forth.

In truth, it is quite unbecoming of a behavior for anyone to indulge in, but most of us do it all the time.  We are not in full awareness or consciousness that that is what we are doing until we are called on it.  I am calling you on it today!  Wake up and mind your own business and leave everyone alone!

Do you want to know what got me all riled up today?  I sent an email to my ex concerning our daughter and other important private matters.  His girlfriend read it and sent me a response!  Was that her appropriate business when the email was clearly addressed to my ex and only my ex?  I am quite sure she thought so.  This has led to some very unfortunate consequences.  Had she stayed focused on her own personal business all this ridiculous drama could have been avoided.  This is just one clear example of how important it is to ask yourself if you are sticking your nose in something that is truly not your business.

Of course we can all create “valid” reasons why we think something is our business.  We are genius at convincing ourselves that everything is our business if it is somehow connected to us like a relationship, family member, co-worker or neighbor.  Just because you are married to him/her or living with him/her or dating him/her does not mean they are your business.  In fact, they are not!

It is so important for us to realize that everyone is a sovereign being and to treat everyone as such.  That means that everyone is responsible for handling their own lives, choices, actions and non-actions.  It is not for you to step in and give advice or “tell” another sovereign being what to do or how to do it unless they expressly ask.

It is also not your business to judge another.  Whew!  Now that’s a hard one to process.  We all make thousands of judgments a day and we don’t even realize it.  I will be honest and admit that I had some very choice judgements about that girlfriend when I received the email response from her.  I am only human for crissakes!  However, I awoke to what I was doing and had to feel my rage, acknowledge it and own it, take a breath and formulate a conscious response.  (I’m still formulating).

The key here is to catch yourself when you are getting into things that are not your business, pause, take a step back and make another decision that is in alignment only with your own personal self.  In my personal case, I am having to evaluate what is my business around this whole situation and deal with only that.  My business is my daughter and not his girlfriend’s reactions, thoughts, opinions or ideas.  It is also not my business that my ex allows his girlfriend to read his private emails.  This requires a clear energetic space within me to know what is my focus and what is not.  I do not want to create a drama beyond what is at the moment.  It would only harm me and my daughter in the end and I carefully and consciously do not choose that.

So let’s practice to make sure you understand what is your business and what is not.  I am going to state some common scenarios below and let’s see what your answer (reaction) might be.  Is it your business or not?

  • Should I die my hair red or purple?
  • I want my girlfriend to die her hair purple because that is my fav color.
  • Should I let my husband/boyfriend go on a trip to Las Vegas with the guys?
  • Should I let my wife/girlfriend go out with her friends?
  • My boyfriend/husband is constantly late to work.
  • My girlfriend/wife is always judgmental of my friends.
  • My guy dresses like a bum when we go out to eat.
  • My woman dresses like a hoochie mama when I take her to a nice restaurant.
  • My guy/girl spends way too much time on Facebook/Twitter/Texting.
  • Who is he/she talking to on the phone?
  • My guy eats like a dumpster and developing a beer gut.
  • My woman doesn’t exercise enough and I’m concerned that she’s gaining weight and won’t look good in public when I am with her.

I know many of you will want to argue with me, but the only thing that is your business of these examples is what color to die YOUR hair.  The rest is NOT YOUR BUSINESS!

Did you notice how most of the scenarios were actually JUDGMENTS?  Yes, most of the things we get into that are not our business are usually judgments we have about how we want someone else to be or act.  Hidden in the judgment is a manipulative control mechanism or it’s an outright need to control the other.

Of course you can honestly share your compassionate and understanding concern about someone’s health, for example, as long as it is truly coming from a place within you where you are not attached to the outcome or to whether they respond to you or not.  If you can share with someone from that place of utmost detachment with no need to “influence” an outcome, then go ahead.

I can hear some of you saying, but I CARE that is why I make it my business.  Hmmm….let’s sit with that for a moment.  Why do you care?  What’s in it for you?  Usually people “care” because there is some hidden agenda, something in it for them that they are not acknowledging.  Who are you really caring about?  Is it a truly genuine caring that has nothing to do with controlling an outcome?  If so, then great – go ahead and care!

I’m pointing out all these subtleties to awaken a new level of awareness in you about what is truly your business and what is not.  We tend to waste so much of our personal energy focused on what’s not our business and then we create dramas around those distractions that create even bigger distractions and damage.

Just stop.  Focus on YOU right now in this moment.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  Feel your body, your feet, your hands, your chest.  Notice how you are feeling physically, emotionally, and energetically.  Bring yourself into present moment NOW.  Breathe.  Feel your heart beating.  Follow your breath.  All of this is your profound business.  Doesn’t it feel so much better to pay attention to YOU in the moment?  And, if it doesn’t, then ask yourself what you are running from and be willing to face it.

Enjoy this TOOL!  When in doubt, it is probably not your business.  Move on.  Leave it alone.  Drop it.  Come into present moment.  Focus on you.  Shift within you what is creating the issue outside of you.  This might be hard to accept, but ALL issues that show up outside of you are a reflection of something within you that may need addressing.  It will do you no good to address it with the other person until you have addressed it within first.

In Summary:  Don’t make something your business when it really isn’t.  Choose PEACE!

Take an Action:  If you are struggling in relationship because you keep wanting to make the other person way too much of your business and it’s creating tension or you can’t decide whether to stay or go because of all the tension, check out this audio presentation and live group clearing I did at an Expo this past weekend.

Until next time, it’s not your business!

Much love and light!


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