I want to share with you my belief, philosophy, mission and foundational spiritual perspective from which I serve all my clients.

First, I do not believe you are broken, dysfunctional or need fixing or healing in the traditional sense.  You are a sovereign, infinite, perfected Being of Light who has just FORGOTTEN the TRUTH of WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  You forgot your truth at a young age when you believed others opinions, beliefs and points of view.  I am here to assist you to REMEMBER the LOVE that you are so that you can tap into that LOVE within and serve from that place.  I hold you in the highest light as an already whole, complete and loving soul.  This is your actual truth.  I am here to assist you in clearing out all the lies, illusions, beliefs, attitudes and traumas that are blocking you from knowing, feeling and acting from that deepest truth of who you are.

In order for us to play together, we have to be a vibrational match.  Not everyone is ready for this level of MASSIVE Life Transformation. Read the info below and if you feel a resonance, give me a call and let’s have a brief conversation to make sure I am able to assist you and that you are in alignment with and willing to receive what I am able to offer.  If not, I can always refer you to a practitioner who might be a better match for what you are seeking.

You are a vibrational match for my services if you are…

  • a woman or man
  • in mid-life or beyond
  • mature 20’s and 30’s welcome
  • who is spiritually open-minded
  • a practitioner, coach, mentor, business professional, artist, musician, other professional, mother/wife, father/husband, single, married, divorced
  • READY and WILLING to CHOOSE a different life
  • READY and WILLING to be the POWERFUL CO-CREATOR of your life
  • WILLING to LET GO of the BELIEF that you are “broken, ill and/or need fixing”
  • WILLING to take 100% FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life and CHOICES at ALL TIMES

How to vibrationally play with me…

  • Individual Private Transformational Sessions
  • Awaken Your Light Academy Mentorship Program
  • Varied Teleclass Series announced throughout the year if you are on my list
  • Small Group Intensives and Trainings
  • Transformational Retreats
  • Gene Keys Austin Journey Group
  • Masterminds
  • Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Sound Therapy

More about my sessions….

I am not a Psychic in the traditional sense.  I do not use my gifts to “predict” your future or tell you what to do with your life.  I am here as a messenger/channel of light and love to support and guide you on your path by teaching you how to tap into and trust your own knowing and transcend lower struggles you may be creating in your life.  Your knowing is your deepest truth.  Anything I say during a session should be filtered through your deepest knowing.  What does not resonate, I encourage you to discard.  Nothing that is said in session is written in stone and should never be interpreted as such or as what you “should” or “have” to do.  I cannot tell you what to do about anything.  You must take FULL 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your CHOICES in life and for whatever comes through in each session.

My sessions are quite unique and multi-dimensional in nature and create profound change for you in a very quick and efficient way if you are willing to let go of resistance and surrender to your truth.

Each session is digitally recorded for you and emailed to you afterwards.

As a SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE SOUL GUIDE and TRANSFORMATIONAL ALCHEMIST,  I have the ability to channel spiritual wisdom as well as activate and apply energetic and alchemical modalities to assist in transmuting, shifting, clearing, removing what no longer serves you so that you can re-create and re-choose a new life.  Through continued vibrational work with me you will be able to more easily choose and co-create the life you truly want and desire without the challenges, hassles, difficulties, struggles, sacrifice, pain, and resistance you have created until now.

These meta-therapeutic coaching processes are all part of a modality I have personally developed that is a hybrid of my traditional training in the psychological field with channeled energetics, intuitive coaching, soul guidance and vibrational alchemy. It is like receiving a super-octane charged therapeutic counseling from Spirit.

I am NOT a licensed counselor or traditional therapist or psychologist, although I have practiced in that field in the past. I do NOT hold a traditional psychology license at this time and do not practice in the traditional field of psychology any longer. If you are seeking traditional help, I may be able to refer you to a licensed psychologist or ask your medical doctor for a referral.

I provide a loving supportive space of non-judgment as you navigate your path.  That alone is healing to so many and you deserve that level of loving support.  Making life transitions easeful is an important way I serve my clients.

Breathe.  Allow.  Receive.  Be willing to say “YES” to yourself.  Give yourself what you are most needing and desiring in this moment.


A.  Private Spiritual Intuitive Soul Guidance TRANSFORMATION Session by phone


B. Gong Sound Therapy Session = $168/hr

C. Align Your Life VIP Transformational Experience – 3 month and 6 month Program. Soul chat required…text 512-576-5297 to request a Soul Chat appointment.

D. Awaken Your Light Academy 2019 – Learn more here!

E. Awaken Your Light Prayer Collective – First Monday of each month at 12noon Central – LIVE CALLS – announced by email.  You must join my e-list to receive the announcements. You can join the FACEBOOK PAGE by request.

PLEASE JOIN MY EMAIL LIST to receive the details of my offerings as they are usually not posted on this blog site.

Call or TEXT me and let’s see how we can best play together:  512-576-5297

 How to Prepare for a Private or Group Session

1.  To prepare yourself for the session get quiet and grounded in a private space where you will not be disturbed. Sessions cannot be done while you are driving, distracted or under the influence of ANY drug (including synthetic prescriptions), alcohol or “plant medicine.”

2.  Drink lots of water and remain hydrated before the session.

3.  Write down your focus or intention for the session.  Choose the ONE priority issue in your life that you would like to see shift and change.  We cannot address everything in one session.  Example, if your relationship is what is causing the most challenge in your life at this time, this is what we will focus on.

What to Do After a Session

1.  Continue to drink water and remain hydrated as you are detoxing cellularly from the session.

2.  Drink electrolytes such as natural coconut water or make your own electrolyte drink by adding a squeeze of lime/lemon and a pinch of Himalayan (pink) Salt to filtered water.  Drink this for a couple of days especially if you are getting headaches.

3.  Spend 5 to 10 minutes in the sun daily.  Best if you can do this barefoot on the Earth.  It re-magnetizes your body after a clearing.

4.  Get extra rest and sleep. A clearing can make you quite tired and sometimes emotional for a few days depending on what we clear.

5.  Continue to listen to the recording for a few days and weeks or when you feel guided to keep clearing deeper and more subconscious levels.

Healing with Therapuetic Essential Oils

I will sometimes recommend certain healing oils to assist you as well as create a blend for you that is specific to your healing needs.  Essential oils are powerful healers of the mind, body and spirit.

Visit my site to order the oils you need…

Healing with Gemstones & Crystals

My other love and talent is as a metaphysical jewelry artisan and designer.  It all began in 2000 when I had a dream that I was designing and creating jewelry.  I have always been interested in natural stones, rocks, crystals, and gems from a young age.  I grew up across the street from a famous Texas gemologist who ignited in me a love of stones and jewelry.

My sacred pieces are created in a state of spiritual meditation and prayer and infused with the intentions of love, light, peace, unity and healing for all who wear the pieces.  You can actually feel a difference when wearing my sacred creations.  My pieces are conscious of their purpose for your healing.

I create custom “prescriptive” pieces for people with the stones needed to support their healing process.  After a session, I may recommend a stone or stones to wear to support your healing.  You then have a choice to custom order a piece (necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring) to be created with those specific stones.  I am not a metal smither so I do not solder, weld or create metalwork.  I use wire, chain, natural stones, crystals, gemstones and natural textiles (leather, hemp, linen, silk) to create my sacred pieces.  I post my current work on my FACEBOOK PAGE  – visit Linda Galvan on Facebook.

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