When DIY is NOT a Good Idea!

Hello DIYers!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DIY projects!  Those “do-it-yourself” genius ideas on Pintrest can keep you captivated for hours, days, weeks, months and possibly even years!

There is so much advanced and automated technology now that we have become a culture fixated on DIY, especially to save money.  We are a DIY addicted society! We DIY our homes, our cars, our travels and vacations, our businesses (I’m guilty), our children’s educations, our health and so forth.  We even try to DIY our own spiritual, emotional and mental health!

Now that’s hilarious!

I am not supporting going back to co-dependent behavioral patterns of the past where you relinquish all your control to someone else like a Western medical doctor who you let tell you that you have 3 months to live.  In that case, DIY is called for! (Did you pick on the bias I have).

What I am saying is that there truly are times when DIY is NOT a good idea.  One of those times is when you are wanting to make big transformational changes in your life such as quitting an addiction, leaving a marriage, changing careers, starting a business, and clearing out your personal emotional clutter from the past that keeps you stuck.

Yes, there are TONS of self-help books and I am all for reading them.  I have the entire collection in my home!  Many have sound advice and wisdom.  Absolutely take responsibility and begin reaching out for support through books, seminars, workshops and online webinars.  However, there comes a point when you really need another HUMAN to help walk you through the messy stuff.  A HUMAN HEART that can listen and reflect back to you your radiant light and vision.  An individual who sees the TRUE YOU without bias and can begin to coax that deeper part of you out into the world.

In fact, you don’t just need one human heart, you need a TRIBE of like-minded hearts that can support you when you forget who you are, when you forget the greatness that reside within you, when you forget that you matter.

Attempting DIY during transformational moments in your life can prove quite difficult, lonely and possibly even destructive.

Are you attempting DIY personal transformation?  Not a good idea in my humble opinion. Definitely not the best use of your time and money.  That even includes attempting to change your hair color on your own (been there done that – disaster)!

My loving suggestion is to find a coach, mentor or someone you trust that can guide you along.  Find a tribe of peeps that get you and genuinely want to assist and support your transformation.

Check out the programs I am offering in 2015 in the main menu above such as my BE YOU Mentorship Program or just go for it and become one of my Apprentices!  And if you are a woman living in Austin who is seeking a tribe, I invite you to my free monthly women’s circle call The Creatrix Circle.  It’s a fabulous group of femmes that meet the first Friday of each month.  You are invited tonight.  Check it out here.

In summary, keep the DIY projects in the craft department of your life where they belong.  You are not a DIY project.  You are WAY MORE IMPORTANT than that so treat yourself as the SACRED BEING YOU ARE and let other sacred beings guide and support you when you most need it in life.

Much love as I am off to create DIY Valentine’s Day jewelry!


P.S.  This Monday, February 9th at 8pm central I am offering a FREE CALL with Paul Cooper, Relationship Coach Extraordinaire on UNDERSTANDING MEN.  In order to receive that info, PLEASE JOIN MY ELIST above!

About The Spiritual Intuitive

I am an alternative healing practitioner, soul guide and spiritual intuitive using the gifts of vibrational alchemy to shift you from a place of being stuck and into your higher purpose. I am an open, pure-light channel allowing God's Grace to flow through me for the healing and guidance of others. My intentions are pure and guided by Spirit. I am Claire-Audient (I hear), Claire-Cognizant (I know), Claire-Voiyant (I see) and Claire-Sentient (I feel). I offer my services primarily by phone with several in-person offerings throughout the year. Join my email list (located above in the main menu) to stay informed and receive announcements of my offerings!
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