So happy you want to learn more about my VIP TRANSFORMATION DAY!  I am thrilled to offer you a day where we create transformational MAGIC together!

For 4 hours, on a designated day and time that works for both of us, we will meet in person at a location of your choice (within and around the Austin, TX area or you can pay to fly me to you) and address an area of your life where transformation is needed.  By the end of our VIP TRANSFORMATION DAY, you will feel lighter and infused with a higher sense of clarity and purpose in that area of your life where you felt stuck and uninspired.

You choose the area to be addressed – relationship, career/business, health/body, spiritual, mental/emotional or opening to and increasing your spiritual/energetic/intuitive gifts.  We will have a discussion before our VIP TRANSFORMATION DAY to explore what area of your life is in most need of attention, growth, clearing, and healing.

Sacred Exchange for this HALF DAY of TRANSFORMATION is $999.

Clients have profound shifts with me in just one session of 75 to 90 minutes.  The transformational shifts that can happen after spending several hours with me are priceless.


  • You will actually FEEL lighter in the area we address on your VIP TRANSFORMATION DAY
  • You will walk away with practical solutions and tools (audio clearings) that you can continue to use indefinitely in many other areas of your life
  • A huge shift in your perspective around the “problem” area
  • Ease, flow, and excitement about your next steps
  • Peace in that area of your life you have felt as chaotic
  • Infusion with empowered attitudes, beliefs and commitments
  • Activation of your “field of GRACE”
  • Spontaneous healing
  • Clearing of old energies, beliefs, attitudes and blocks
  • Transformational experiences, joy and laughter
  • And so much more that will be revealed over time as the TRANSFORMATION of the day integrates into your system

If you are ready to make a powerful commitment to yourself and give yourself this transformational gift, contact me to set up your VIP TRANSFORMATION DAY.   TEXT ME:  512-576-5297 and I will contact you to set up an exploratory discussion as to how I might best serve you.  If a VIP TRANSFORMATION DAY is not the right fit for you, I have many other possibilities we can discuss.


With love n light,

Linda Galvan

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