The ONE QUESTION that Will Lead to Prosperity in Your Life

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I have blogged. I felt the need to write one last blog for 2015 on these last days leading into 2016. What more apropos a topic than that of PROSPERITY.

This is the time of year when we wish each other a Happy and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. This is also a time when money gets real for us as we must look at all we spent during the Holidays on gifts, travel and other expenses as well as the upcoming taxes we will need to calculate and possibly pay. It’s hard to avoid the money topic even if you might desperately want to.

Money likes attention and as with all things that like attention, it will get louder and louder until you give it the attention it deserves. So let’s have a little convo around it.

Money can be the greatest spiritual teacher that can lead you to deeper peace and liberation or it can trap your thinking and sabotage an entire life from being joyous and free. It all depends on the relationship you have with money and the charge you place on money.  Money is actually a neutral energy.  We tend to place a charge on money making it mean things and do things that are not in alignment with our heart’s higher purpose. We place that “negative” charge on money. Money can either trap you or set you free based on the charge you give it or not.  It really depends on how you hold the energy and meaning of money within you.

If you change the complex inner relationship you have with money to one of simplicity, you will find prosperity through that simplicity.

Prosperity REQUIRES simplicity.

And let’s take it even further.  As you heal your relationship with money, you heal the whole.  To heal the whole through your individual healing of your relationship with money is a powerful form of GENEROSITY.

Prosperity REQUIRES generosity.

Now to the BIG QUESTION that you MUST ASK YOURSELF and whose ANSWER YOU MUST LIVE OUT in order to have the true PROSPERITY you seek.


Make the answer to this question the foundation of your life and all your decisions. In doing so, your life will take you on a vast adventure and you will live YOUR life, not someone else’s life.  In fact, you will live your HIGHEST life!

Blessings for a most PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR filled with Simplicity, Generosity and Serving the Whole!

Deepest Love,

Linda Galvan – Inspiring Lives of Clarity, Creativity & Purpose

P.S. Generously giving credit to the contemplative work by Richard Rudd that influenced the writing of this topic.

P.S.S.  If you live in Austin, TX, I cordially invite you to a Sacred Soul Alchemy Transformational Healing Circle on Wednesday, December 30th at 7pm as we invite in higher levels of health and prosperity for 2016.  Click here to learn more.

About The Spiritual Intuitive

I am an alternative healing practitioner, soul guide and spiritual intuitive using the gifts of vibrational alchemy to shift you from a place of being stuck and into your higher purpose. I am an open, pure-light channel allowing God's Grace to flow through me for the healing and guidance of others. My intentions are pure and guided by Spirit. I am Claire-Audient (I hear), Claire-Cognizant (I know), Claire-Voiyant (I see) and Claire-Sentient (I feel). I offer my services primarily by phone with several in-person offerings throughout the year. Join my email list (located above in the main menu) to stay informed and receive announcements of my offerings!
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