Hello sweetest soul!

The title of this blog post was the writing assignment I was given by my 8th grade English teacher.  I was always competing in UIL competitions in middle and high school.  It gave me something fun to do as I had a tendency to get bored with life (as I still do now…hmm…).  I was practicing for some UIL writing contest of some sort and my 8th grade English teacher gave me weekly assignments to prepare for the competition.  Of course, I was the only one in my 8th grade class geeky enough to want “extra” English assignments. (I’m rolling my eyes right now at what a freakin’ geek I was – embarrassing)!

“If I Were…”.  I thought about it a long while.  There were so many possibilities available to finish that sentence…”if I were a nurse, a musician, a poet, a writer, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a doctor…”.  However, none of those were “good enough” because they seems so cliche’ and BORING!  Then it hit me – the title would be (drum roll please) “If I Were ME!”  I thought that was genius!  It’s a title that can at first make you go, “huh?”.  I liked confusing people and making them think even then!

The whole essay was about who I would be if I let myself truly be me.  It was a full on fantasy essay that I deeply got lost in.  I fell in love with my world of ME and day dreamed about it.  I still remember the feeling of being lost in this fantasy world of love, peace, flowers, rivers, and beauty.  I thought it was the best essay I’d written.

Not so from my 8th grade English teacher’s perspective and limited opinion and mind set! She returned that paper dripping red with her “personal” comments and opinions on my title and my expression of being truly me.  She said that the title made “no sense” and was not logical.  That it was not realistic to live in the world I described and that I would understand that when I grew up.  That adults do not have life that easy and have to deal with lots of stressful things, blah, blah, blah!  I read that feedback with my eyes bugging out.  I felt such SHAME!  I had really triggered this woman’s issues.  At the time, my 8th grade understanding of adults was limited so I just thought she was being a mean bitch who was unhappy with her life and taking it out on me.  (Hmm…maybe not so limited in my understanding after all…).

She wanted me to re-write the assignment with some new title.  I believe I dropped out of the UIL writing competition at that point.  The wind had been knocked out of my sail.  I had poured out my true expression of ME, no holds barred, and got slammed for it.  It would be years before I wrote deeply about myself again after feeling so shamed for expressing the wanting to just BE ME.  In fact, those years would be now…30 some odd years later.

So, why am I sharing this?  Well, it’s connected to the BE YOU and Change the World Mentorship Program for 2015 I am offering.  As I was developing this program, that memory of how I was shamed for expressing ME came up and I realized that we all have a story or two about how we have probably been shamed in our lives for just BEING WHO WE ARE.  In fact, that might be happening to you right now.  What better time than now to begin transcending those old stories and lies.

2015 is an energy that is calling each of us to be who we truly are!  2015 will not let you continue to get away with lying to yourself about YOU and what you truly desire and how you truly want to BE in the world.  You will continue to feel a deep loss, anxiety and possibly even depression if you continue to fight this higher energy of authenticity that is wanting to wake us all up.

If you missed my free sample call – BE You and Change the World, click here to listen.  On this call we go straight into clearing those limitations and blocks.  I also teach you several energetic tools to take with you.  This call is a sample of what you will be receiving on our 2 group calls a month if you join the BE YOU Mentorship Program this year.  If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Until next time, BE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!



About The Spiritual Intuitive

I am an alternative healing practitioner, soul guide and spiritual intuitive using the gifts of vibrational alchemy to shift you from a place of being stuck and into your higher purpose. I am an open, pure-light channel allowing God's Grace to flow through me for the healing and guidance of others. My intentions are pure and guided by Spirit. I am Claire-Audient (I hear), Claire-Cognizant (I know), Claire-Voiyant (I see) and Claire-Sentient (I feel). I offer my services primarily by phone with several in-person offerings throughout the year. Join my email list (located above in the main menu) to stay informed and receive announcements of my offerings!
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