WTF is Going On!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July and that your summer is sizzling!

Ok, let’s cut the crap and stop pretending.

Things suck right now, don’t they? The energies on this planet are INTENSE and everyone is feeling it, even me. So much is moving – both figuratively and literally! And this Super Moon just kicked us even harder! This energy is relentless! It is pushing all our buttons on every front – family, relationships, career, business, environment, should we move – and if so- where?; should we stay or should we go…Aaargh!

We are at the half way point of 2014 energetically where we need to decide whether we are going to let go of the old stories and ride a smoother wave towards this last half of the year or go kicking and screaming.

This is the Year of the Soul and if we are not jumping into doing our purpose on this planet and aligned with our soul intentions then we are feeling the pressure to do so. And even if we are aligned with our soul purpose, the push to get ourselves to the next level is intense.

In fact, what I sense is really happening is that our hearts are being pushed to open, surrender and love ourselves, our lives and others on a whole new level! In order to do that we have to clean out everything in our lives that is NOT LOVE – which is a lot of SHIT (that’s French for “cow poo”)!

That work alone has been personally kicking my donkey’s behind! I even hired myself an amazing relationship coach to help me kick my ass even harder! What the heck was I thinking!?! And, when he’s done with me, I will unleash him on YOU!

So, be on the look out in the coming months for a series on relationships. I will announce him on my elist so if you are just following this blog but not on my elist, I suggest you click on the menu button above that says “JOIN MY ELIST” so that you can receive those important emails. For now, he’s my kick-ass secret!

Okay, back to WTF is going on…with money!

So, has this energy been bringing up money issues too, like:

  • I never have enough money!
  • I wish I had more money!
  • Why don’t I have more money?
  • How can I make more money?
  • I hate money!
  • I wish I could easily receive more money
  • There just isn’t enough money ever!
  • The more I make, the less I seem to have
  • I work so hard for so little money
  • Other people have it and I don’t
  • It’s those “rich” people who have it all!  That’s why I don’t have any money!
  • It’s those selfish corporations who take it all!
  • It’s the government and our lousy economy!

and so forth and blah, blah, blah.

All this stress around lack!  Feels Yuck!  (CANCEL, CLEAR, DELETE)

Relief is at your fingertips because tonight at 8pm I am hosting a FREE CALL on CLEARING SCARCITY CONSCIOUSNESS! You can call-in or listen via webcast from any where in the world! If you have never experienced a clearing with me, you can experience one tonight!  FREE!

I will be sharing some very personal money stories about my early family life and growing up in scarcity and how I have overcome the scarcity consciousness mentality, learned to trust and allowed the abundant universe to bless me.

I will then do a clearing for everyone on the call to begin disconnecting you from the scarcity beliefs you may be holding that no longer serve you.  Can I hear a “Holy Yes!”?


Drink water and stay hydrated before the call
Write your intentions for what you want to release around lack
Write what you want to create instead
Have a pen and paper handy to take notes
As a sacred exchange for this FREE clearing, PLEASE forward this to all your friends and social media

Call-In Details:

Title: Free Call! Clearing Scarcity Consciousness
Date & Time: Monday, July 14th at 8:00pm Central
Guest pin code: 645145#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (512) 527-6262
Full list of dial in Numbers:
Attend by Web:

See you all on the Abundant Flip Side!

Love, Peace & Money!


About The Spiritual Intuitive

I am an alternative healing practitioner, soul guide and spiritual intuitive using the gifts of vibrational alchemy to shift you from a place of being stuck and into your higher purpose. I am an open, pure-light channel allowing God's Grace to flow through me for the healing and guidance of others. My intentions are pure and guided by Spirit. I am Claire-Audient (I hear), Claire-Cognizant (I know), Claire-Voiyant (I see) and Claire-Sentient (I feel). I offer my services primarily by phone with several in-person offerings throughout the year. Join my email list (located above in the main menu) to stay informed and receive announcements of my offerings!
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