Are You a Human Doing or a Human Being?

Hello everyone!

I am blogging from a free computer at the Hong Kong airport today!  I’m almost in Bali.  It’s now Wednesday, August 21st here.  I have traveled in time and lost Tuesday somewhere in flight!  One realizes time truly does not exist when you travel across time zones.  It is NOW regardless of whether we call it Tuesday or Wednesday or 9:30am or 10:30pm.

The flight from LA to Hong Kong was 13 hours!  Killer on my body sleeping and sitting so close to people for so long.  I started out in the “doing” before I left…doing the packing, doing the last minute shopping, doing the mom thing.  I was EXHAUSTED even before I got on the plane in Austin!  Which brings me to the topic of being vs. doing.  This concept has been coming up over and over again in this last month.  My guides have been talking loudly to me to blog about this so as I “BE” at the Hong Kong airport waiting on my flight to Bali, it is a perfect time to share my thoughts.

I can guarantee that most of you are human doings most of the time.  It takes a lot to become a human “being” these days!  When in the space of your human beingness, there is truly nothing you have to “do” and you realize it consciously.  Human doings are people that have constant chatter in their heads, lists of things to do, anxiety, stress and never feel they are getting things done!  Human doings are BUSY most of the time doing “stuff” that has little or no deep meaning to them.  They wish and long for better or for that “one day” dream to just happen.  I’ve been a human doing for quite a while until I decided that it was just NO FUN any more and too exhausting.

A human being is a person who is conscious of the NOW moment…conscious and aware of every NOW and realizes that only NOW exists.  The past and future are not as relevant as the NOW of their lives.  A human being has quiet, spacious time to meditate, pray and just be in the NOW even if they are at work, traveling, doing the parenting thing or whatever.  A human being chooses the quiet moments and releases the need to “do” and make lists and worry about the future or be sad about the past.  A human being lets go of the chatter and monkey mind and enjoys being in the stillness of the moment.

It’s sounds impossible doesn’t it?  I once thought the same thing.  I decided to make a conscious choice to choose being more than doing in my life.  Over time I have developed more of my being and less of my doing.  I’m a champion do-er – as are most of you.  We don’t need to keep practicing that.  I lovingly challenge each of you to become a human being.  Let go of the need to do.  You can do as you be.  Yes, as you go through your day “doing” those things we all have to do – make the conscious choice to BE with the moments without the mind chatter, anxiety, stress, lists and judgments of self.  Allow the human being in you to come out as you do.  It is a conscious practice that in time becomes a natural way you BE in the world.

You are, at your core, a HUMAN BEING!  You just forgot while in all the doing of this material world.

I hope this reminds you of your truth!

Much love and light from Hong Kong!


About The Spiritual Intuitive

I am an alternative healing practitioner, soul guide and spiritual intuitive using the gifts of vibrational alchemy to shift you from a place of being stuck and into your higher purpose. I am an open, pure-light channel allowing God's Grace to flow through me for the healing and guidance of others. My intentions are pure and guided by Spirit. I am Claire-Audient (I hear), Claire-Cognizant (I know), Claire-Voiyant (I see) and Claire-Sentient (I feel). I offer my services primarily by phone with several in-person offerings throughout the year. Join my email list (located above in the main menu) to stay informed and receive announcements of my offerings!
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One Response to Are You a Human Doing or a Human Being?

  1. On the journey of a lifetime. I wish you growth, healing, and the Majestic blooming of your inner beauty; an abundance of joy!


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